About Us

A blog is not only the content, it is also the author, so here are some details about me and my motivation to help you leave behind any problem you have with money .
I started to get interested in investment and the stock market when I found my first job, since I was able to save something every month and I saw that this saving offered me no return .
It seemed to me that there was no point in working and trying to save if nothing was done with that money afterwards .

I like working, but I’m not passionate about it , it’s not something I would do without pay.
Since I started working I realized that I did not want to be working until I was 70 years old and I began to look for alternatives until I found my way, the search for Financial Independence, which can allow us to live without working and be able to enjoy 100% of our time .
I am sure you can achieve the same, and I will dedicate my articles to this blog .

I decided to make the blog to show that it is possible to follow a different path from that marked by society , in which they expect us to work until we can no longer.

I am not an expert in business analysis nor do I spend 8 hours a day on my investments, but I am passionate about the world of money and I try to convey this with the blog .
In the blog you can follow my path towards financial independence, and you can learn from my successes, my mistakes and my experience to find your own financial independence .

If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact us.